Why the phrase ‘natural talent’ should be offensive

Nothing kills hope like finding out you are genetically incapable of something. Yet, that’s what we subconsciously tell ourselves any time we announce someone has ‘natural ability’ in something they do better than us. Believing that someone can effortlessly perform certain tasks, just because they were born that way, implies that the majority of the […]

One way I moved beyond ‘knowing stuff’

Learning means more than studying a new subject. It’s as much about enlightenment, and building your understanding of something you already know. In some cases, exploring a subject further can actually disprove something you once believed to be true. When I was a child, I remember accidentally leaving water bottles in the freezer too long […]

10 secrets to learning anything yourself

‘Flight-Mode Learning’ means learning anything you want, under your own guidance. You determine what you need to know, and learn it. It might involve resources written by others, but doesn’t have to. It scales from tiny to gigantic, in terms of what you can use it to achieve. Here are ten guiding principles to ensure […]

Turn your ambitions into reality with this simple hack

Turn your ambitions into reality with this simple hack

If you want to achieve or learn something new, you need commitment and focus. You can unlock these by playing some clever tricks with your mind. This shouldn’t scare you, as it’s a relatively simple exercise that anyone can do. Every 60 seconds, somewhere in the world an ambition dies a quiet death. It dies because it […]

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How to move yourself beyond just knowing stuff

I have talked before about the difference between knowing and understanding. When we have nothing more than an exam to study for, it’s often only practical to memorise facts. Often, people enter an exam room knowing a whole lot of facts, but with little understanding of their underlying meaning. Those people might even score highly, […]