About Richard

Hi, I'm Richard, and I'm a lifelong learner. I've spent my life moving from interest to interest, sticking with one subject for just enough time to feel a sense of having really understood it, before moving on.

While I always wanted to become either a pilot or an air traffic controller, I was born with a vision disorder in one eye that surgery would never correct. As such, both professions were off the cards. As a result, I spent thousands of hours trying to find something else to fill the void. The aviation industry just seemed to make sense to me. But what else did? Well, it turned out, quite a lot.

Over the years, I became rather competent at writing, public speaking, playing drums, writing and arranging music, recording and mixing music, photography, IT, analytics and information modelling, research, explaining technical concepts, brewing beer, making wine, cooking, gardening, natural health, finance, management, psychology, geography, meteorology and a host of other disciplines.

The reason I mention this list is not to brag about the length of it, but simply to make the point that I learned each subject or skill using the same method.

I am largely self-taught in most of what I know. I learn best when I teach myself. I am what Emilie Wapnick calls a 'multipotentialite'. That is, someone who doesn't specialise in anything, but moves from subject to subject. For a long time, I thought it was a weakness that I didn't specialise in one thing. But I have since come to appreciate its advantages.

Getting from knowing nothing about playing the drums to being able to play them is a big enough step, but imagine doing it with no tuition, no Internet, no textbook, and no drum kit, for that matter. That's how I did it. I did it simply by observing and reflecting, and by trial and error, whilst observing and reflecting. (Yes, I built a small drum set along the way).

The fact I have learned so many subjects means I am not afraid of starting from nothing. It's an amazing feeling when you truly realise that.

Any subject you want to learn is up for grabs, provided you want it badly enough.