Start with why

Unashamedly, I have borrowed the title of Simon Sinek’s action-inspiring book. The principles in his book have heavily influenced me over the past few years, and I wanted to pay my respect by demonstrating a little flattery – that is, through impersonation. Simon Sinek’s book talks about the critical but often forgotten phenomenon of ‘why’. […]

What can you achieve if you love learning?

I own three books about weather. Over the past week, I read bits of all of them. My web browser tabs regularly overflowed with content from the New Zealand Metservice, weather satellite image providers, global weather forecasters, raw data repositories, and personal weather stations. My awareness shifted outside, and I was constantly noticing subtle changes […]

Three beliefs that make learning seem difficult

When you take that first step to build your understanding of something new, you will probably face some unwelcome demons. These take the form of preconceived beliefs about particular subjects, people, or yourself. You might end up facing all three at some point. These hangups may be so deep you don’t even see them for […]