How to learn creativity

For years, I told myself I just wasn’t really a creative person. I made a point of telling others. I remember my tagline from those days: “I’m much better at replicating existing work than I am at creating something new from scratch”. I used to say that as though it were a non-negotiable fact. I thought creativity […]

Can you really be amazing at anything you want?

One of life’s long-standing debates is whether our mental traits are the result of our genetics or our upbringing. Some mental conditions (causing quite specific personality traits) are congenital and often genetic, Others (even those such as intelligence, which might seem indisputably genetic) could equally be products of our upbringing. Instinctively, it probably seems that […]

Flight Mode Learning is a bit like gardening

Garderning is a great hobby, regardless of whether you do it for the visual aspects, for food to eat, or for herbal remedies. But although you might have your own idea of which plants are desirable in your garden, nature will always have a different one. Given enough time, and the right conditions, most gardens […]

Solving problems that don’t fit into categories

People just love categories. We use them to classify medical disorders, psychological conditions, political standpoints, leadership styles, personality types, and countless other phenomena. Medical conditions are sometimes named after the virus that caused them, but in many cases (particularly anything ending in the word ‘syndrome’) they simply refer to a combination of symptoms from a […]

How can school put us off learning?

Those who mean well don’t always do what’s right. School initially welcomes us in with open arms, and it truly means well. But like a troubled teenager, it can gradually lose sight of what matters. The very institutions that are supposed to help us understand can end up forcing us to simply memorise facts. This […]