How I figured out the cause of my headaches

As a child, I occasionally got quite severe migraine headaches. I remember going to see the doctor about them, and I certainly remember suffering with them, lying in bed in a darkened room feeling nauseous when I had them. It wasn’t an overly common occurrence, but when they struck, I would invariably have to abandon […]

Figure out the unknown, all by yourself

When you learn how to figure out concepts by yourself, you get a nice bonus skill – the ability to answer questions nobody knows the answer to. For this reason, I think that anyone who can figure things out for themselves probably makes a good detective. Unlike people who learn concepts someone could have taught […]

Figure out the known, all by yourself

One of the keys to flight mode learning is the ability to figure things out by yourself. I’m not talking about deciding what to make for dinner, whether you have enough fuel to last you until the next town on a long journey, or what you should wear to the movies this evening. I’m talking […]